Traditional Markets

Kuta Art Market: Located close to the beach and the Kartika Plaza. Sells a wide range of Bali jerseys and souvenirs.
kuta art market kuta art market

Pasar Badung and Kumbasari: The second location is on the market Gajah Mada Street Denpasar, separated by Badung river. In Badung market we can buy daily needs (culinary or food Balinese). Material or equipment Balinese ritual is very complete with a sensible price. Similarly, Pasar Badung, Kumbasari market, on the 1st floor sold food ingredients, fruits, and materials for religious rituals. In the 2nd and 3rd floors in selling gear religious ritual, Balinese traditional clothes, handicrafts and other souvenirs.
badung traditional market badung traditional market

Sukawati Art Market and Guwang: Markets are very popular with domestic tourists, located in Gianyar. Start of merchandises such as clothing, handicrafts, sculptures and motifs, all with a touch of Bali, and also equipment for Balinese dance, traditional clothing and materials for Hindu religious ceremonies.
sukawati art market sukawati art market

Sanur Art Market: Located in the Lake Tamblingan and many restaurants. Sanur market is more comfortable and not too crowded like Kuta.
sanur art market

Bird Market: The market is located near downtown Denpasar. Different types of pet birds for sale here. Also provided information, food, and a place to share for bird lovers. There is also a pet than birds that are sold in this market.
satria 2 satria market

Candi Kuning Market: Or also called Fruit Market. This market sells fruit fresh fruit, herbs and spices for cooking ingredients and vegetables also segar.Ada also rose, orchids and other exotic flowers. Candi Kuning Market is located close to Lake Bratan, Bedugul.
candi kuning1 candi kuning


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